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Noah's Ark 99-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with Bonus Story Card and Puzzle Guide

Noah's Ark 99-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with Bonus Story Card and Puzzle Guide

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This 99-piece jigsaw puzzle is the very first edition of what is to be Sow Brilliant's First Blooms Collection for children.  

This jigsaw puzzle features the widely popular Bible story of Noah's Ark. It's a great tool for inspiring the imagination of little ones while at the same time planting those seeds of biblical wisdom into their young hearts. This puzzle features larger pieces making it easy to handle for those tiny hands and easier to find should a piece separate.

As a bonus; there is a double-sided story card included inside the box. On the front of the 5x7 card, you will find an image of the puzzle. This image serves as a puzzle guide reference if the box isn't handy. On the backside of this card, you will find the story of Noah's Ark. This story allows any parent to engage with their child during or after the construction of the puzzle and allows for further discussions into this miraculous event from the pages of the Bible. The card can also be framed for a child's room if you wish to display the story card in your home.

This puzzle makes a great gift for any child no matter what faith background they may be. It is also an excellent teaching tool for churches, classrooms, as well as something fun to keep tucked away in those game rooms.

Research has shown that working on jigsaw puzzles can help to hone various brain skills, including problem-solving, focus, and short-term memory. Additionally, jigsaw puzzles have been known to reduce stress levels.  So why not spend quality time with your little one and help them create a lasting memory by building this Noah's Ark 99-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle today?


In the Box:

  • 99-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Bonus: Puzzle Guide/Story Card
  • Puzzle Size: 12inx18in
  • Larger Pieces - Piece size varies between 1in-2.5in
  • For Ages 5+
  • Made in Thailand
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